I have many years worth of experience as a writer, and have written everything from feature-length articles to online newsletters, landing pages, social media posts, news articles, reviews and more.

At History Today I write all the social media posts as well as articles for the print magazine and the website. I also write the copy for landing pages and technical articles on how to use our services, as well as all the editorial related to the History Today App. Additionally I write the weekly newsletter and the script for the History Today Podcast.

For over six years I was a senior editor at Londonist where I wrote for the site every day, focusing particularly on breaking news transport stories and urban issues, along with longer feature-length articles. I also acted as duty editor one day a week, which involved editing and scheduling the day’s posts, and I composed Twitter updates for my stories and those of others. You can see all of my Londonist articles here.

During my two years at working for the British government’s Central Office of Information (2009-11) I wrote daily media digests, condensing entire media cycles into quick-read reports that were circulated among ministers including at the highest level of the cabinet.

I was also a writer for Brijit, a short-lived (2007-08) startup which sought to aggregate the world’s long-form content and condense it into 100-word abstracts. Although the company’s business model was not successful, my time there taught me valuable skills in how to capture the essence of a long piece of text and render it into bite-sized, snackable form.